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The Most Common Mistake Graphic Designers Make

Whether you’re trying to create a product mockup, designing a new logo, or putting together some print marketing for a new campaign for the first time, creating new artwork doesn’t have to be scary! We’ve put together some of the most common graphic design mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Too Many Fonts

The first mistake that stands out when looking at a novice design vs. a professional design is the number of fonts used. It’s hard to understand the message of the piece if there are too many distracting fonts involved. As fun as it can be to play with fonts to convey different feelings and messages, brands should pick two or three fonts maximum on any design piece.

Using a single font can also be impactful since it adds continuity and establishes your brand identity.

2. Not Proofreading

Make sure you are always checking over the spelling and grammar before sending a piece to print or hitting send on an email. While a misused comma or other punctuation marks may not seem like a major problem, there are plenty of people out there that will notice common issues like that, and ignore the rest of the project.

3. Using too many colors.

Similar to using too many fonts, choosing too many colors or choosing the wrong colors can also make a design ineffective. It can be distracting to use too many bold colors in one piece. So when creating new branding for your company or new artwork, it’s important to start by creating a color palette to work around with.

4. Not creating a versatile design.

The best graphics are evergreen and multi-purpose! If you’re creating a logo, think about how it will look on promotional products, how it will look in a 1 color or full color, and how it can be simplified to ensure you’re able to use specific design processes with your logo. This will help establish your brand consistency and save you time and money from having to redesign artwork for new projects down the road.

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